Friday, April 24, 2009

How can I be a good wife, mom and pastor's wife too?

Things are changing in my life all the time! Element Church is a reality!!! It is why I live here. But... how do I follow the call God has on my life and work 40 hours a week (more when you consider I have to go downtown) and still try to be a mom and maintain a house. I have been working 4 tens. That is incredibly hard because I am too tired to do what I need to do. I force myself to do it all anyway. But.. I am not always cheerful to say the least. However, at least I get a day off this way. So.. I am thinking well once summer gets here I will make the best of it and spend time with my kids, etc. Nope now for more changes......... no more tens allowed! If I work 5 days I am still gone all day, away from my kids all I get out of the deal is no day off! This just doesn't work for someone who is in full time ministry and parenting too! I don't live here to work at a credit union; I live here to be the pastor's wife at Element Church! I am excited about what God is doing in Millvale and I'm excited about what he wants to do in me and through me!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Wow, I'm a pastor's wife!

The other day, I was working at the credit union. I was really excited because Element Church was opening in only 2 days. I decided to tell a couple of members all about it. There response was not only positive but slightly comical. They loved the idea of Element church and wanted to be on the prayer team, and.... they said wow, you really can't judge someone on how they look. Now, previously I may have been insulted by this but not this time. I am not sure what they thought a pastor's wife should look like but they meant it as a compliment. I am proud to represent Christ there and at Element church!