Thursday, August 28, 2008

Trust & Faith

Life is really busy right now. I go back and forth from totally trusting God to completely freaking out!!! Between packing and looking for a place to live, I'm finding it to be easy to start stressing. I know that this is all God's plan so I just need to remember he has everything under control! When God has a plan we need to trust Him to carry it out!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

What makes you feel like life is hopeless???

So.. today I was out in the foyer of church standing with my youngest daughter Jacki. We are doing a series on life not being hopeless. Jacki stands there and reads the sign on the sign up table. It read, Life isn't hopeless." She proceeds to point at it and say "THAT ISN'T TRUE! I was shocked that she would say such a thing. I asked her why and she said because I lost my earring. The other day she was wearing her cherry earrings and she lost one. She was very upset at the time. We looked everywhere but couldn't find it. Who would have thought a pair of earrings could make someone feel hopeless. I had no idea it was even still bothering her. I of course explained to her that she did have hope. We could get a new pair of earrings or possibly still find it. But, it got me thinking, what is that one thing that pushes people over the edge and makes them think that life is hopeless? I am comforted so often that God cares about the little things, like earrings, in our lives as well as the big things! Whatever we are facing, God cares and He is our hope!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

My baby's a teenager!

What a great day! Today we celebrated JoLyn's birthday. She actually turned 13 on the 18th. That day JoLyn and I got highlights together, she then went out with her dad and he got her, her first cell phone. We ended that day with a family dinner! Today, she celebrated with friends. It was a beach party. We had fruit and chocolate and more fruit, lol! It was great! I am proud of JoLyn ! She loves God, loves her family and loves her friends!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

bonds that can't be broken

HI again. I have just spent the week at home with my parents. They came to visit because Rich and JoLyn were at National Fine Arts. By the way, JoLyn received a superior for her drama solo and a superior with honors for her stomp routine. I am very proud of her. Anyway, my mom has been watching Jacki and doing other things around my house. I have always been best friends with my mom. We speak almost every day. I can't thank her enough for all she does now and in the past. She is always there for me, whether it is money, help with my kids or just an ear to vent too. (She is great for that, LOL!) My parents are extremely supportive of me and all I try to do. When it was modeling she was there. She didn't love it but she was supportive. When I was singing my dad was in the back cheering me on. When I moved across the country she took me out there and came to pick me up when I missed home. I thank God for blessing me with both of them! They raised me in a Godly home always exhibited their love for Him and each other. They celebrated 50 years this past December! I hope I can be a Godly role model to my children just like they were and are to me!

Thursday, August 7, 2008


So, yesterday I went to Monroeville and hung out with old, good friends. I had lunch with my friend Lorie. That was great. I love hanging out with her. She just... gets me. God brings some people into your life that understand you and yet still love you, LOL! Seriously though I miss talking to her. Later, I went to my friend Debbie's. Debbie and I from the day we met just clicked. We were great friends almost immediately. We cry together, and laugh together ALOT! Both Lorie and Debbie are pastor's wives. Obviously, I am too. We have a special bond that not everyone can understand. I am thankful that God brought these two ladies into my life when He did. When I met Lorie it was at a time in my life where I needed to really start growing in God and my faith. God used her to bring me to where I am today. Now, I hope to be able to be that person in others lives. I also hope that I give back to her some times too. I would not be who I am in my faith without her influence. Debbie and I have lots of fun when we are together. But, don't let that fool you we get serious too. She does not realize that I also look up to her and I am so thankful for her words of wisdom too. She is amazing and God uses her in my life all the time. I appreciate these ladies and the blessing they are to me.
Later that night, Debbie had a jewelry party and lots of my friends came. It was an incredible night. I loved talking about old times. Jacki got to see her friend Ryan too. Jacki is sure she will marry him some day. I hope she does, they are adorible.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Thank you God for using me!

Tonight was awesome! First, I got to make a dinner and take it to a member of our church who is recovering from surgery. Then, I went to Starbucks with a friend from work. That in itself makes me happy, lol. But, it is exciting to be used by God. She is a christian but she has questions. I don't have answers, but God does! For those of you who really know me, you know that I did not really share my faith. I hoped I was living it for people and if a youth asked me something, I probably would answer. But, I preferred to stand behind the scenes. I was perfectly content to sell candy in the cocessions, or make the spagetti for the spagetti dnners, etc. I was not interested in stepping out of my comfort zone. I did not really have a whole lot of contact with people outside of my church. But, here in Hermitage I work. I work at Perkins. I come in contact with both christian and nonchristians every day. I have had opportunities to share my faith with many people. I had to make a choice to stand up and answer some tough questions, or step up to the opportunities God gave me on a daily basis with both customers and coworkers. I can honestly say I can do it. I liked my comfort zone but this is sooo much better. It really is! I know that these experiences are preparing for what is next.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Hangin with my kid!

I spent the day with JoLyn. She has been wanting just the two of us to hang out for a long time. Today after waking her up at noon, lol, we went to lunch and shopping. We finished the afternoon with swimming before dropping her off at a friends birthday party. We had so much fun. Too often we are stressing about school or her messy room. But not today, today we just enjoyed each others company: PRICELESS!

Time Flies

Time Flies all right. I still remember planning JoLyn's 1st birthday. Now, in 17 days she will be a teenager. When did that happen??? Before she wanted Disney or Barney and now it is beaches, smoothies and Espresso. She used to ask for toys and dolls and now she wants clothes and shoes and makeup:) She is so beautiful and talented. She loves music and drama and video editing. She is really good already! I love watching her become the woman God has created her to be. She isn't perfect but she wants to please God and her father and I. I love that she still calls us mommy and daddy and wants to be hugged. She is growing up but she still wants to be my little girl. That is cool!