Saturday, December 27, 2008

Great Christmas!

This holiday has been great! We have been so blessed to see most of our families. On Thursday, we enjoyed Christmas morning with our girls. They are so fun watch. Then we went to my parent's home. We enjoyed a turkey dinner with them and my nephew TJ. It was awesome to just hang out and relax with no traveling. I love having my parents close! That evening Rich's dad was passing through Pittsburgh on his way home. We got to enjoy our annual chinese dinner with him. On Friday, I had to work but after I got to hang out with two of my brothers and their families. I don't get to see them often so it was awesome! We took my brother Rich and his wife Bonnie and kids downtown to Mount Washington. We gave them a tour of the city at night. I miss my bros alot but I appreciate that I had yesterday. I wish I had gotten to see my brother John as well but I did get a nice card and gift from him. Today we are at my in laws. We will get to see all of his siblings but Rob. I wish we could have seen him and his family but we are having a nice time. His grandparents on his mom's side have recently moved in with them. We are getting ready to enjoy Rich's moms famous lasagna in a few minutes. CAN'T WAIT! Anyway, we are truly blessed and look forward to a great 2009!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

What a year!

What a crazy year! We started out 2008 in Hermitage and finished it in Pittsburgh! The only thing that has not changed is how busy we all are. JoLyn is in 8th grade and loving her new found "popularity," LOL! She has been invited to Christmas parties and sleepovers since coming to Pittsburgh. She is involoved in youth group and has made many friends. She does miss her friends from Re:volution alot though! She is about to begin a new year of Fine Arts. Thanks to Susie Yusko and Sherie Urey, JoLyn ,made it along with 12 others from First Assembly to the National level last year. She has already earned college scholarships. She was also involved in baton and is missing that. She finished her final year of slow pitch softball. Last year, she assisted in coaching preschool soccer and is assisting her father in coaching Jacki's basketball team. Jacki has had a rougher time adjusting to her new home but has also made many friends. She does however, miss being a Hickory Hornet! For those of you who know Jacki, you know that her hugs and loving approach to life is welcomed everywhere though. She continues to do well in school and in church as well. Jacki played soccer last year and has just begun playing basketball. She is thrilled that her dad and sister are her coaches. She also was involved in baton but we are taking a break for now. Today was her Christmas play. She was adorible! Rich and I are just trying adjust both in our ministry and in our family. I was working 9 to 3 Monday through Friday. I loved my job because I loved the people I worked with, (I miss my FBF's). They are awesome! Now, I work 4, 10 hour days a week, beginning at 6:45AM. It means that Rich gets everyone out the door in the morning and JoLyn helps in the afternoon as well as my mom. My parents chose to take this leap of faith with us. Thank God for them. It gives our children the extra stability they need right now. Just going to work has been tough enough (I don't like morning) but leaving my motherly duties behind is the hardest! I feel guilty most of the time. Rich has been AWESOME! For now it is what we need to do. Rich of course has been through the most change. For 20 years he ate, slept and breathed youth ministry. Now, that all is changing. The church plant has been very exciting. Check out PR's Rant to see all of the exciting updates. We are involved with Allison Park Church. We help with the Young Adult program on Tuesdays. Millvale Matters is on Thursdays. I love both of these groups because I get to be a part of a small group and learn as well. For the last twenty years, I have been a leader of teenagers. I loved that but now I am focusing on a new adventure in my life. I miss my freinds from... well lots of places, but I am ready to do this! 2009 will be a great year with many challenges and many successes.