Sunday, January 18, 2009

Great service!

This mornings message was awesome! It was something that I have been told more than once by more than one spiritual mentor, lol! It was all about your attitude being your choice. Attitude is something I have on occasion, struggled with. I feel that God has helped me come pretty far from where I once was. In 1992, at Valley Forge Christian College, my senior year wasn't 'FAIR." But as Pastor Jeff said this morning, life isn't always fair. I chodse, for a better part of the year to be pretty miserable. That is a year I will never get back. The dean of women, Jen Weinholt, told me then "choose to be happy!" I thought she was crazy. I mean, come on, so much was wrong that year and it wasn't my fault. But, I was the only one who could make that choice. I did not make that choice that year. Since then others have helped me realize that attitiude was a choice. I hope I have learned my lessons well! Pastor Jeff's sermon was so great and I hope that people listened. It is not worth sacrificing the time you won't get back. You can choose to be mad at the people or circumstances that you feel were unfair or you can change your own attitude and let God change you! God wants to use all of us but if we are unwilling to take responsibility for our own attitudes and actions, we won't be able to be used at all! I am not taking that chance again!