Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Debbie Jenkins is awesome!

I have a great friend and her name is Debbie Jenkins. I mean it, she is awesome! I just spent the last few hours with her. We used to spend so much time together but in the past four years our lives have changed, ALOT! It hasn't always been easy for either of us, but one thing I can always count on is Debbie! One thing I hope Debbie will always know is that no matter what either of us go through there are two people she can count on! One is Jesus and the other is me! You are NEVER alone!

Monday, February 23, 2009

That's MY Girl!!!

JoLyn has been one busy girl! Beginning on Thursday, JoLyn was scheduled to go to her dress rehearsal for Aladdin Jr at school. Monday through Thursdays for a couple months she has been practicing for that. Sundays, all day, she has been practicing for Fine Arts. On Thursday afternoon, she hurt her elbow and has been in a sling since Friday. On Friday night she played a royal gurad in Aladdin. She and her friends were awesome! Saturday morning at 8 we arrived at SouthHills AG for Fine Arts.
Although JoLyn was exhausted, overwhelmed and in pain she just kept going. She participated in 2 human videos and a drama solo all before 1:00 pm. In the picture to the right you see her in her small human video. She did a fantastic job in all of the events but in this one she even reinjured her arm but finished. Following that, we jumped in the car so she could do her play for a final time. She actually fell asleep on the way to the school. JoLyn finished everything with a fantastic attitude! I was so proud of her! JoLyn has had some rough times in past few years. It was so exciting to see her just flourish. SHe is so happy and that makes me happy! Way to go JoLyn!