Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Wow am I stressed!

HI. Okay, I am just being honest now. We move in 2 weeks and we still have no place to live. I know, God has called us to Millvale but... That is exactly the thoughts that start racing through my head right now. Why???? I have JoLyn saying please find a house because she so wants to change schools, I have a possible job, Rich will have to travel so far and yet no house. We have spent sooo much money in gas trying to find a house. We are not even being picky but nothing is right. If only, we had never bought the house in Trafford. I have had that thought a million times! Its sad really, because I loved that house. Unfotunately, no one in the whole state of PA has the same feeling, lol! My kids deserve stability, please God, give it to them! So, that is my prayer. We need a house. I know, all in God's timing, but it is getting close folks!

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